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Notice of Records to Be Destroyed
The Records Custodian of the Bi-County Special Education Cooperative is announcing that special education student temporary records are scheduled to be destroyed August 31, 2023 for all students who graduated in 2015-2016, or were permanently withdrawn from special education services five or more years prior to August 31, 2023. Information in the records which may be of continued assistance to the student may be transferred to the parent, or if the student has succeeded to the rights of the parents. The Bi-County Special Education Cooperative will make every attempt to notify parents and/or students of their right to obtain the student records prior to destruction. If you are interested in requesting student records, you may do so by email to or in writing in mail to:
Records Custodian Bi-County Special Education Coop.
1900 W. LeFevre Rd.
Sterling, IL 61081
Please include the student's legal name and date of birth with your request. If you have questions or would like to request records by phone, please call 815-622-0858 and speak with Mayra Martin.