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Early Childhood Special Education

Preschool-aged children who are identified as eligible for special education services receive quality instruction specifically designed to meet each child’s individual needs. Class size is limited and teachers are specifically trained to work with children with a variety of disabilities. Language development, motor skill development, socialization, concept development, and pre-readiness activities are addressed and adapted to the needs of the individual student. Many of these programs are run by the resident school district, but Bi-County Cooperative runs an ECSE classroom at Montmorency School that serves students from East Coloma and Montmorency school districts as well as an ECSE classroom at Prophetstown Elementary School that serves students from the Erie and P-L-T school districts.

Montmorency School
9415 Hoover Road
Rock Falls, IL 61071
(815) 625-6616
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Prophetstown Elementary School
301 West Third Street
Prophetstown, IL 61277
(815) 537-2345
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Life Skills

The Life Skills classrooms educate students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities. Instruction is specialized and based on each student’s individual needs.

The Life Skills classrooms consist of K-12 classrooms located in Sterling and Morrison schools.

Class size is reduced and teachers are specifically trained in research based strategies and interventions appropriate for their students. Emphasis is placed on functional academics, daily living, self-care, communication, self-advocacy, and vocational skills appropriate to the age of the students.

Life Skills classrooms use a multitude of research based curriculum that provides standards based instruction on all academic areas and adaptive skills. Please click below for more information: Community-based instruction is introduced in 3rd grade for students to practice generalization. Students in High School Life Skills classrooms are offered opportunities for work training that ranges from classroom application to community-based job training, including the STEP program when applicable.

Bi-County also collaborates with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) that provides individual student and classroom wide support.

The IEP team determines placement of eligible students in these programs.

Jefferson School (K-2nd)
806 East LeFevre
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 625-6402
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Washington School (3rd-5th)
815 West LeFevre
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 625-2372
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Challand Middle School (6th-8th)
1700 Sixth Avenue
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 626-3300
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1608 Fifth Avenue
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 626-5810
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Northside School (K-2nd)
520 North Genesee Avenue
Morrison, IL 61270
(815) 772-2153
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Southside School (3rd-5th)
100 Academic Drive
Morrison, IL 61270
(815) 772-2183
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Morrison Jr. High School
300 Academic Drive
Morrison, IL 61270
(815) 772-7264
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Morrison High School
642 Genesee Avenue
Morrison, IL 61270
(815) 772-4071
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Hearing Impaired

Bi-County offers a self-contained program for students with significant hearing impairments. The teacher is a certified teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing and certified interpreters assist students as they mainstream into general education settings. The classroom is a Total Communication environment rich in language development which uses strategies and materials unique to the needs of students with hearing impairments to support instruction. FM equipment is provided as are any additional related services necessary. The cooperative also offers the services of a hearing itinerant to support students with a hearing impairment whose level of need does not require placement in the hearing impaired classroom. The degree of support provided depends upon the impact the individual student’s hearing loss has on learning.

East Coloma-Nelson
1602 Dixon Avenue
Rock Falls, IL 61071
(815) 625-4400
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Related Services

Bi-County provides:
  • Psychological services
  • Social Work services
  • Nursing services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Hearing Impaired services
  • Vision Impaired services
  • Speech/Language therapy
  • Transition services
  • Audiology
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Technical assistance
  • Autism/Low Incidence support